Medicolegal reporting

We carry out medico legal assessments for firms of solicitors and produce high quality reports that are checked to ensure accuracy and compliance with the Civil, Criminal and Family Procedure Rules.

Our specialist medico legal reports provide a thorough assessment of the issues in the case leading to early settlement of the case.

Our independent medical legal report writing is handled with professionalism, speed and accuracy by medical legal experts.

Proficient in Medico-legal reporting

  • We provide complete medical reports within a fast turnaround time of 10 working days.
  • We offer the earliest and most convenient appointment times for your clients.
  • We understand that in order to provide the best service we must ensure there is a good level of communication between you, your client and us.
  • Our medical reports encompass many disciplines for evidential purposes
  • Swift and accurate, we draw on an extensive range of expertise to provide you with a medical legal report dedicated to providing you with a quality level of service and execution.