Facilitating Private Treatment in UK hospitals for Overseas Patients


We help in organising and facilitating the private treatment for our overseas clients in the UK based NHS and private hospitals.

Treatment Options

Payment for treatment can be made through private health insurance. You can also self-fund, which means that you pay the hospital or clinic directly.

Before you travel, it’s important to make sure that you’re entitled to enter the UK to have private medical treatment. If you live outside of the EEA, you may need a visa. To find out if you need a visa to enter the UK, visit the UK Border Agency website.

You may also be asked:

  • What your diagnosis is and what arrangements have been made for treatment?
  • How long your treatment will take?
  • How your treatment will be paid for?

We facilitate the medical assessments that are required by the Occupational section to ensure an individual’s fitness to work within a specialist environment. To know more about our services, pls visit our site.