Covid-19 Fit to Fly certificate

We have been commissioned by Mediscan Diagnostics Services (company no: 06228910) to provide Covid 19 PCR test fit to fly certificate. Mediscan are government approved private Covid test provider.

Please note we do not book or provide any covid testing service. Our Fit to fly certificate is issued only after the receipt of valid laboratory report. We always include a copy of the laboratory test report with our medical certificate. Any report without lab certificate should be verified for its authenticity through our office.

Fake reports: We have been notified by the Manchester airport police recently about a fake report being discovered under our name using forged signature of our doctor and our letter head. We do not issue any Covid 19 PCR fit to fly certificate on our letter head.

For verification of any suspicious medical certificate please mail us on or ring us on: 0161 6287200 (office hours, Mon-Fri) 07860912838 / 07440128247 (Out of office hours).

Original Report
Fake report caught at the airport