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Welcome to Arlington Medical Consultancy!!!

Arlington Medical Consultancy is a well-established UK based Medical Consultancy which has diverse interest in providing its services to UK and overseas Health care sector. The company has been operating since 2010. The organisation specialises in healthcare consultancy and service provisions in both primary care and secondary care in the UK and abroad. In addition, we facilitate medical education, clinical assessment, GP appraisals and training needs in health care sector.


Covid-19 Fit to Fly certificate

We have been commissioned by Mediscan Diagnostics Services (company no: 06228910) to
provide Covid 19 PCR test fit to fly certificate. Any report without lab certificate should
be verified for its authenticity through our office.

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Medical Education

Arlington British Medical Academy (ABMA) is an award-winning UK based medical academy which has diverse interests in medical education in the UK and across the globe. The company was established in 2013 “by doctors for doctors and healthcare professionals”.

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Recruitment from outside of the UK has made a valuable contribution in the NHS over recent years and forms an important part of the workforce supply strategy of NHS organisations.

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